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Here's a quick snapshot of the commercial services we offer:


Conference Rooms

Collaborate more effectively.


Training Facilities

Set your business up for success with proper training facilities.


Network Wiring

Master the necessary components to build or expand your network.



Benefit from closed-circuit TV systems.

Uniquely Custom Designs

Computer networks, wireless internet, multi-room sound systems, surround sound theater wiring, HDMI digital video-all can be designed, installed, and integrated by our world class team.

Our clean, organized professional installations make efficient use of your space, and are designed to stay up and running. We are experts in dealing with problematic power supplies, and can design a solution for maximum durability and scalability.

Experienced Team Installation

Unravel the Mess

Master the necessary components to build or expand your network.

Cat6. Coaxial cable. Speaker Wire. HDMI. Hub. Switch. Router. What is it? What does it do?

And most importantly, where do you plug it in?

From a simple peer-to-peer network to an integrated server room, we can help you master the necessary components to build or expand your network.

Get Connected

Help your growing business get plugged in to the communication wiring it needs.

H&O can provide, install, and manage all of your communication system needs from basic phone service to intercoms. If you have a growing home or business, H&O can provide scalable solutions that expand with your needs and give your home office a true corporate presence. Tired of the battle between phone and internet service or managing who gets to use the internet? Let H&O show you how you can have phone and internet service, anywhere in your business.

Full Automation. In-Home Theater. Expert Installation.

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